Friday, May 30th  - Big Gyp Cave - Pictures

Area Around the Cave

CaveBluff.jpg (56526 bytes)

These are the Red Hills of southwestern Kansas. The white rock is gypsum.


CaveUpstreamEntrance.jpg (67868 bytes)

The cave is actually a tunnel with a stream flowing through it. This picture, taken from directly on top of the cave, shows the upstream entrance.

CaveCountry2.jpg (63429 bytes)

This shows a longer view of the country. Certainly this little part of Kansas is not flag!


The Cave Interior Walls

The following are a bunch of photos from inside the cave. One shows the petroglyphs (but they are hard to see). The photos have been contrast and color enhanced to show more details.

CaveWall1.jpg (70501 bytes)

CaveWallAndBeth.jpg (128792 bytes)

CaveWall4.jpg (169498 bytes)

(yellow is from flashlight)

CaveWall3.jpg (152679 bytes)

This shows the gypsum rocks on the north wall, with the stream at the bottom.


CaveWall2.jpg (174797 bytes)

More cave wall.

Little Waterfall and Soapstone

CaveWaterfall.jpg (86169 bytes)

This shows a little waterfall over a soapstone dam. This is believed to be the only soapstone in Kansas. The soapstone is the smooth looking rock throughout the picture.

Why You Get Muddy in a Cave

CaveMud.jpg (47277 bytes)

Note the footprints. Also the cave ceiling at this point is about 3 feet. The mud is about a foot deep.

Post-Cave Beth - Mud and First Aid

(Note: The frown is staged. Actually she had a great time)

MuddyDirtyBeth2.jpg (41438 bytes)

MuddyDirtyBeth1.jpg (48600 bytes)



Car Near the Cave

CarNearCave.jpg (82407 bytes)



Wildflowers1.jpg (109503 bytes)

Wildflowers2.jpg (104821 bytes)


Beth and the Spider Web

BethandSpiderweb.jpg (92789 bytes)

BethandSpiderweb2.jpg (101953 bytes)